Journey with Horses to Healing the Heart and Soul

Experience freedom from anxiety, stress, fear and worry. Our focus is healing, restoration and relationships.  We are honored to partner with our herd of kind and beautiful horses on a private, safe and quiet ranch covered with giant oak and elm trees. Come experience the power of authentic connection to heal hearts.

  • Innovative and Effective Life Coaching
  • Healing and Restorative Retreats
    • Silent
    • Cleansing
    • Meditative
  • Multiple Day Therapeutic Immersions for Couples and Individuals

All are offered in a peaceful natural quiet setting that promotes a sense of peace and safety. Birdsong, the sound of wind in the trees, a soft whinny, giant oak branches towering overhead, the smell of fresh cut grass, crickets and frogs singing…sunsets that are quiet, beautiful exclamations of joy.  Come remember how it feels to Be Still.

Horse Therapy (EAP)

Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with fully licensed mental health professionals

Equestrian Experiences

We offer many incredible life-changing equine experiences for individuals, families and groups that include life coaching, restorative retreats and private intensives.