Mandy Rutherford is a Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor who takes trauma work very seriously.

She began working with people experiencing trauma 20 years ago after a short but stunningly dissatisfying career in as an economist.  She’s the first to tell you that she’s not an artist, per se, but can doodle like a champ and enjoys working creatively.  In 2005, she completed post-graduate studies at the Art Therapy Institute in Dallas.  While at ATI, Mandy studied the work of Bessel van der Kolk and Bruce Perry and wrote the “Impact of Adrenaline on the Developing Brain: Implications for Treatment”.

Mandy completed additional training in 2014 and is now a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP).  After learning more about the neuroscience of trauma, it is impossible to get around the scientific truth that traumatic memory is stored in the lower regions of the brain where language is not.  Therefore, a language-based model just simply won’t cut it.

She has applied art and expressive modalities in a neuro-sequential model to treat the effects of trauma in treatment centers, hospitals, and private practice settings, but nothing is more effective than in the tranquil setting of a 15-acre horse rescue. Mandy is pursuing a certification with the Natural Lifemanship Institute to learn all about, and put into practice, equine assisted psychotherapy.  Another great experential tool in her tool belt for helping clients overcome the symptoms of trauma.

Mandy is a strong advocate for effective, evidence-based models of trauma treatment and is considered a subject-matter expert on the topic.  She enjoys teaching and training on the topic, bringing her dog to work and trying to be useful to the world.  and