Restorative Retreats

Feel Trapped? Stuck? Overwhelmed?
Isolated? Numb?

Would You Like to Experience Peace With No Pressure?

Do you feel like a leaf in a river being pushed by the current, unable to find your footing and stand still against the flowing water. You feel so disconnected that you can’t find meaning in anything that you are doing. It feels impossible to be present because you are always thinking about the past, the future and everyone else’s needs.

You know you want to slow down, to be able to breathe again, to be present in each moment. But you can’t seem to find your footing and you don’t know where to start. You want to reawaken your senses and allow your mind to be where your body is. You want to fully experience every moment, seeing colors brighter, tasting food in new ways, noticing your surroundings.

What if I told you this is all possible? Attending our innovative Retreat at The Ranch is the answer you’ve been searching for…

How Does a Retreat Help?

A mindfulness retreat can help you learn how to quiet your mind and slow down so you can reconnect to your senses, your body, and each moment as you experience it. 

By using mindfulness techniques, you begin to notice more about yourself and your surroundings. You recognize that you don’t have to wear a mask or numb. Numbing often looks like scrolling through social media, bingeing on Netflix, using substances like alcohol and constantly moving like a hamster on a wheel. 

YOU CAN be present and authentic. YOU CAN tolerate discomfort by leaning into it rather than avoiding it.  YOU CAN feel energized and experience freedom from worry and pressure.

Once you allow your body to be fully present where your mind is, your body returns to a state of calm, of peace, of safety.

You can now experience and fully enjoy each moment as you live it. You can be a rock in the river, standing firm in who you authentically are and allowing the water to move around you rather than being pushed and pulled by the current. 

By practicing mindfulness at our innovative retreat and learning how to become present you will begin to notice that this becomes easier to do in every setting and you will find yourself experiencing joy, engaging in genuine interactions, and having healthier relationships.

We only offer two of these very special transformative experiences a year.

Participants stay on-site, or in nearby accommodations for the entirety of this experience.  This helps create a sacred protection of silence.

Activities Often Included:

  • Walking in Nature
  • Mindfulness 
  • Meditation
  • Time with Horses
  • Creating Rhythm
  • Movement
  • Spirituality
  • Journaling
  • Reading

We also offer custom designed private retreats over one, two or three days.  Contact us today with scheduling requests.

““The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”
― Sakyong Mipham