Equine-Assisted Learning

About Equine-Assisted Learning

What is it about working with horses that helps humans? Come find out why spending intentional time in the company of horses can truly change your life and relationships. With years of experience working with horses and humans, our team can help. If you want to:

  • Gain Clarity
  • Discover True Identity
  • Learn Boundary Setting
  • Access Creativity
  • Calm Anxiety
  • Create New Patterns
  • Feel More Peaceful and Grounded

Make an appointment today for a tour to meet our happy healthy horse herd and feel the quiet and calm of this quiet, private ranch. Schedule here. To read a true story about how equine coaching helped a young woman heal from the symptoms of a TBI, click here. To buy a copy of Kelly’s book, click here.

Horses are 100% focused on the present. They don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future.  Just being around them can help us slow down, focus and become present and attuned to ourselves and our environment.

“Powerful and life changing – the highlight of my year, thank you.” – Recent Client

What We Offer

  • One-on-One Mindfulness and Coaching Sessions
  • Couple and Family Work
  • Restorative Small Group Retreats, Professional and Personal

Private Sessions with Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones works one-on-one, with couples and also offers family sessions to adults and children.  A one-time visit includes the guest  experiencing time one-on-one with a horse, learning to develop a better sense of being present and experiencing a feeling of peace, authentic connection and safety.

Ongoing clients choose a partner to work with from the horses at the farm.  Each week the client(s) will build the relationship, along the way experiencing patterns revealed and a stronger sense of self.  No horse experience is expected or required.  You don’t even have to like horses to benefit from time at the ranch in their presence.

Kelly specializes in overcoming fear and gaining confidence and a sense of assertiveness which helps with boundary setting and improved relationships. She also works with individuals experiencing anxiety in stressful situations and those feelings are interfering with success in those environments (performance anxiety), coping with a life change (career, relationship, illness), or a sense of not being able to concentrate, memory challenges and insomnia.

Kelly has studied the brain, mindfulness and spirituality extensively, and has her own life experiences of overcoming obstacles, from which she teaches and guides her clients. Kelly’s clients experience shifts as they learn how to recognize within themselves a sense of peace and safety which  lends itself to healthier relationship with self and others. Sensations such a freedom, empowerment, lightness, feeling grounded and a realization of the value of self are common at the farm, within nature and in the presence of the horses, wildlife and songbirds.

Couples learn about patterns in their relationship and how those patterns affect the health of the relationship.  Parents learn how to keep their cool with their children, set healthy boundaries and remain supportive.

Come learn life principles in a non-judgmental environment with instant feedback from a horse with no agenda!

Sessions vary in time from one hour to 1/2 a day and range in price from $125 to $350. Pricing and registration page.

See the upcoming retreat calendar here.

We also offer custom designed private retreats over one, two or three days.  Contact us today with scheduling requests.

Interested in your own equine experience or EFL?

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