Hot topic. So, here goes straight from my heart. Each of us was created with a body, mind and spirit. In the West and most developed countries, we put a high level of priority on developing the mind/intellectual side of our being. In school we are taught reading, writing and arithmetic, and given grades that unfortunately start to define our worth. About age 7 we begin to look outside of ourselves for identity and this grading system becomes one of the ways that we compare ourselves to other humans. Then comes additional school, jobs and careers. All creating within us more roles that we play, comparisons that we make and setting up the “when I get there” goals for discovering peace and a sense of belonging.

Somewhere in our 20’s and 30’s, and earlier for some, taking care of our bodies becomes important. Eating healthy foods, getting exercise, basic care such as bathing and going to the dentist/doctor for preventative maintenance items. So we develop more comparisons with regards to our bodies. (happens must younger as well sadly). Again, the goals become “when I get there” I will feel better, look better, be able to do those things I’ve always wanted to do, in order to find rest and a sense of safety.

But other than being brought up going to church or temple, generally we lack in spiritual development. Just as we are expected to sit still and listen to our teacher in school, we are also expected to sit still and listen to figure out our spirituality. Given that the other two important pieces of our existence are so easily measurable, this part throws a lot of people. So here’s the rub. Our journey is our own.

The closer we get to discovering who we are, the closer we draw to God. Read that again. We are not on this Earth to miss our life because we are wearing our masks of all of the roles we think we are supposed to be playing in order to belong, to be loved, to rest.

The only way to develop a sense of self, to stop the hamster wheel, to reconnect with our essence – is to stop. Only in the silence can we hear. Only in Presence can we actually experience this moment. Be Still and Know is not an admonition to meditate all day everyday. It is movement, it is energetic. It is active. An active exploration of self and soul. It isn’t until this moment that there is a chance to open the door again. To find the 7 year old soul that is curious. Horses can help. Click here for more info.

Along this journey many things that have been taught as absolutes will begin to fall away. That’s okay. Let them. They aren’t for you to carry around anymore.

What has messed up our spirituality so badly is that our intuition has been questioned. Our own ability to recognize safety and truth is compromised when we watch those who stand in positions of power blindly teach these generational lies. Literally for thousands of years humans have been struggling with a sense of scarcity and fear, which has led to teachings that are not of God, shared with a distorted sense of knowledge that what is being taught is truth.

My journey away from “religion” started several years ago when I started questioning how the words being spoken, affected my soul. Learning about original blessing as opposed to original sin shifts perspective from fear-based compliance to love-based connection.

God longs for our hearts. He longs for us to recognize His presence everywhere, and that His presence means love. As this perspective shifts the heart and mind can work together to find peace, and the stress and worry dissolve, giving our physical self a rest.

Many ask why I haven’t left God and Jesus after the things that have happened to me, the stories of hurt brought about by those representing the church, the hypocritical way I have been treated as a single parent and woman, and the rejection by the church of so many whom I know and love. And the answer is that my soul lives within my body and my mind is where the fear and doubt dwell. So, I don’t allow my mind to lie and tell me that God is somehow responsible for evil at the hands of humans who have the free will to do so.

If a sense of longing is present, and the new promotion, new car, new Bible study and new relationship aren’t filling the gap, let me know. I might be able to point you in the direction of a few ways to start a journey of finding true self and therefore finding the way to connect spiritually.

Be Still Retreat Coming November 14 and 15th. More info and register here.