About Us

Kelly Jones, owner and founder of Ponderosita Ranch, home of South Wind Equestrian Center and Unbridled Connection, found this beautiful oasis tucked in the Texas Hill Country in 1999.  Kelly experienced her first horse as a 2- year old on her great grandfather’s farm outside Fort Worth and as soon as she could, began working at a stable, earning riding lessons.  After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Marketing, and enjoying the corporate life for several years, Kelly moved to the Austin area and discovered Ponderosita Ranch.  Having been a city girl most of her life, it was certainly a learning experience!

In 2004 Kelly opened a riding lesson program and over the years noticed that there was so much more to these beautiful sentient beings, than simply a vessel to ride on.  Her clients experienced not only the joy of learning to ride, but also the joy of relationship and connection.  In 2013 Kelly decided to devote herself full time to the ranch and developed an equine focused program in which humans learned amazing principles about themselves along with their knowledge of horses.

Today Kelly is a equine professional, specializing in relationship work with horses and humans, focusing on bringing attunement both to self and to others through allowing the horses to teach and guide us through re-connecting with personal power and instinct.  Horses teach us so much about relationships, leadership, staying present in conflict, healthy boundaries, paying attention to non-verbal cues, tuning into whether we are present, how to control our emotions and not let them control us, learning that our emotions can be a state and not become a trait and how to value each member of the herd for their invaluable role.

Kelly serves as an Equine Professional on multiple therapy teams utilizing the Natural Lifemanship modality of trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy with over 800 hours of working with clients in a therapy team, a riding instructor for 18 years, having attended multiple clinics and workshops for dressage and bio-mechanics, and has owned and managed South Wind Equestrian Center and Ponderosita Ranch since 1999.  Kelly also works with clients one-on-one in equine-assisted learning and coaching and is an expert on horse behavior.  She loves working with horses and people and leaving a legacy of life-change that will affect generations in our community.


Interview with Kelly Jones about South Wind

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