Kelly Jones NL-EP
Author, Healer, Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy Consultant 

What is it about being in the presence of horses that is so settling for the human being? What is it that seems to cause our bodies, minds and spirits to heal when we spend time with them?

For over two decades, Kelly has been on a deeply personal journey to explore these questions within the context of being a horse owner, ranch owner, instructor, facility owner and manager, equine professional, retreat facilitator, coach and consultant. As a single mom and business owner, developing resilience and overcoming hardships is something Kelly has experienced first-hand. This is what drives her to help others who are struggling with a sense of hopelessness and feeling stuck or asleep. Schedule a session for Spring 2022 here.

mindfulness, horse, healing, trauma process

Kelly, who is certified with the Natural Lifemanship Institute, offers an experiential learning process that integrates the healing power of nature with mindfulness practices and time in the presence of horses. She combines her experiences of working alongside ten licensed professional mental health providers, her life-long love of horses and a gained understanding of their natural characteristics and behavior, to meet her clients where they are and offer support and healing in a safe and private oasis in Western Colorado.

Kelly draws on her own experiences to begin unbridling the suffocating symptoms of stress and pressure from her clients while helping them find clarity and space to find themselves. Witnessing the transformation in her clients compelled her to write her first book entitled, Unbridled Connection: Soul Discovery Through Nature and Horses. Order here.

Kelly is the designer and creator of this beautiful new book; a passion project for her based on her personal healing journey and those of a series of individuals who had been emotionally wounded. Filled with beautiful photos Kelly took over a decade of healing, each represents a moment captured of authentic connection to horses and nature paired with an inspirational story or quote.

Kelly continuously pursues knowledge and training through experts in equine welfare, biophilia, equine facilitated learning and therapy, treating trauma, nuero-science, horse behavior and human spirituality.  These include the Natural Lifemanship Institute, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Leif Hallberg Masterclass 2020, the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque.

Kelly received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing from Texas Tech University and has also worked as an Equine Consultant to many ranches and resorts including the award-winning Miraval Resort and Spa and The Retreat at Balcones Springs. She is a mother to her beloved two children, Ben and Katrina. In her spare time, she enjoys fly fishing, skiing, hiking, reading and gardening.