Equestrian Experiences – EFL

About Equine Experiences – Equine Facilitated Learning

Horses are 100% focused on the present. They don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future.  Just being around them can help us slow down, focus and become present and attuned to ourselves and our environment, access intuition and rediscover true identity.

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) experiences are fast becoming one of the ways to reconnect and become more productive. Highly sought after and effective, EFL provides a unique and memorable experience for you and your team, a natural way to learn new and important skills to become a successful leader, and work within a team. Horses teach us to set healthy boundaries and to effectively confront challenges while staying connected in relationships. It is necessary to stay focused on goals and communicate intention with horses  and this increases our ability to make decisions with clear insight.  When we reconnect with ourselves, and get out of our brains, we are able to access creativity and intuition and have healthier relationships!

“Powerful and life changing – the highlight of my year, thank you.” – Recent Client

What We Offer

We offer the opportunity to experience the powerful and life-changing moment of true connection with self and others, working with horses through one-on-one coaching, team building, workshops and retreats. We utilize life principles in a non-judgmental environment with instant feedback from a horse with no agenda!

  • One-on-One Coaching and Consultation
  • Individual, Couples, Family Experiences
  • Private Group Workshops, Retreats and Experiences
  • Active Military and Veteran Group Experiences
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development

At South Wind Equestrian Center our focus is on healthy relationships.  We strive to achieve that through a number of activities including private one-on-one coaching sessions utilizing Equine Facilitated Learning activities, private and group equine experiences for families, parents, social groups and businesses and offers consultations for horse owners.  Decades of interacting with horses on a daily basis has given Kelly a huge base of knowledge pertaining to horse behavior, human and horse relationships, herd dynamics, and horse management and care. In addition, Kelly is a CEP (Certified Equine Professional) and has attended training with Natural Lifemanship. She has over 800 hours of work with licensed professionals in therapy teams, as well as with working with individuals and groups facilitating EFL sessions, facilitating retreats and co-facilitating workshops and clinics.

We offer custom designed workshops and events so contact us today to plan your next retreat, workshop or team building!  Our experienced and professional team of facilitators can plan your team building workshop or group retreat to meet your specific needs and goals.  Our events can include hiking, mindfulness work, meditation, walking the labyrinth, working with horses, drumming, yoga, journaling, team building and more!  Horses are not a requirement for each event.  Our beautiful facility makes any gathering memorable and life-changing.

Interested in your own equine experience or EFL?

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