Nobody ever said raising children is easy. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. It is my passion to work with families to help children and adolescents reach their potential for happy, productive and successful lives. Whether your child is having school problems, behavioral problems or emotional problems, I can help.

A doctorate degree in clinical child and school psychology as well as my varied professional experience with inpatient state hospitals, residential treatment centers and outpatient care has provided the understanding and skill that I bring to private practice. I specialize in all childhood emotional problems including:

  • School problems due to ADHD, low motivation, or disorganization
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social problems with peers
  • Family change and stress
  • Behavioral problems

Just as a variety of issues may bring a family into treatment, I use a wide range of techniques to address each situation. I have found that a combination of cognitive behavioral work to target distressing symptoms coupled with more dynamic work which examines the root of the symptoms can have a lasting and positive effect on patients.

Trauma Focused-Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP) is a mode of therapy in which a client works together with a horse to improve relationships with others, build emotional regulation skills, and process past trauma.