Last weekend I had the unexpected pleasure of running into a fellow sojourner, Thomas Miller. After a tour of the ranch outside Austin, and an introduction to the horses Tom listened to me talk on and on about how powerful and life-changing it is to work with horses. And then he tells me he has a radio show! Wow! Talk about the Universe bringing someone into my life to help spread the word about the mission of this ranch. We spoke about the ranch and its history, the horses, and how they partner with me and the therapy teams here, to help humans get unstuck.

What is Horse Therapy?

When we ask horses to partner with us for horse therapy, the key reason is because most of us are pretty checked out most of the time. Our world moves fast and the days of spending time in the evening with family, outside, truly connected in relationship are few and far between. So our nervous systems and brains long for connection and this causes humans to become anxious and even experience physical symptoms such as stomach aches and insomnia.

Horses remind humans that true peace and safety is found when there is recognition of our current surroundings, living in the moment, right here and right now. At the ranch, that means that the birds are singing, the leaves are moving with the wind, a lack of city noise and the contented sounds of happy horses fill the air. Immediately the brain identifies quiet and safety and it stops the stress cycle inside the human body.

Breathe Deeply

Once that giant deep breath happens, shoulders begin to relax and the feeling of contentment gently settles over, the horses gladly join us in that space. When truly present and in the moment, the actual experience of connecting with another being reminds overworked nervous systems to take a break. We long for more and are able to work at human relationships to gain intimacy and connection with each other through horse therapy.

Does this sound like something you need? Especially given the current circumstances surrounding our communities? Please listen to the podcast to get to know Kelly better and to hear her tell the story of the ranch and her passion for horses and healing.

Here is a link to the podcast. Enjoy! To make an appointment click here. Schedule a tour, a coaching session, team building or a respite therapy session. To make an appointment with a therapist please go to our team page here and contact the therapist directly. Or feel free to call or email.